Air bubble sheet is a Formation from a mixture of LDPE and LLDPE Virgin Granules. The main Function of Air bubble Sheet is that its mostly used in Which there is Glass layer Articles Like TV, Computers , Refrigerators, etc. The Air Bubble Sheet is a Light Weighted and its Acquires a Space, Because it cannot be given a Pressure of Bubbles the Transportation is Challenge in Air Bubble Sheet Plant .

Normally An Air Bubble Sheet Plant Could be Manufactured in Mono, Air Bubble Film Plant,Air Bubble Sheet Plant,Air Bubble Sheet Making Machine, Two Or Multi Extruders which Forms to Sheet According to the Number of Extruders . Mostly the Air Bubble Machine is Required in Single or Mono Extruder , here the Most important Function of the Machine is Roll Forming unit which is just Attached with Die .

airo air bubble sheet plant

So the function of Dual lip here is Formation of two layer and when it goes to the Roll Forming unit it turns into Bubble on the outer layer. Here one of the Other Important thing to know is what is the size required , the sheet comes with bubble of 10 mm Diameter and 4 MM Height . In case if the Buyer of the Plant has to Supply different sizes of the Bubble Diameter or the Height he need to have the Additional Forming Roll in Order to Manufacture the Required Sizes of the Bubble and Height . There are other kinds of Laminated Air Bubble Sheet Film that is used in the market which is mostly manufactured for Industrial Purpose for Food and other Mechanical Industry. The one of its kind is Aluminum Foil Laminated both side to Air Bubble Sheet.

Now Let’s Understand the Purpose and Industries a Air Bubble sheet is used . First is it provides Cushioning and protection against Breakage or Damage where in the Article has to stored or Transported , Few Industries would be Electricals, Electronics , Automotive, Air Bubble Sheet Making Machine Manufacturer. Now with growing market for Computers and Accessories Related Computers or Electronics through online portal for all these Shipping the outer layer Packaging is a Air Bubble Sheet because it also provides a high resistance with moisture , flexibility and saves from Damage or Scratches .

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