Stretch Film Industry is one the Fastest Growing Industry in Plastic Processing. There are two different grades of plastic from which a Stretch Film is Manufactured LLDPE/ LDPE and PVC. Again there is Classification in the Manufacturing Process as well a stretch film could be manufactured from Blown Film Process or Cast Line which is manufactured through “T” Die Process . In a world where people prefer to shop mostly through Internet and because of it there is growing demand in packaging sector as well and Stretch Film is one the most preferred way to pack Articles mostly into B2b Supplies. Cast Line Stretch Film Machine are mostly supplied in Three or Five Layer but the most requested is a Three Layer Film .

Clust Three Layer Cast Film Line Extrusion For Stretch Film

Now for LLDPE / LDPE in Three Layer,Three Layer Cast Line Stretch Film Plant is with three Extruders and the size of the Screw barrel is depending upon the Width of the Film that has to be manufactured . Similar way even the PVC Cast line have the same mechanism but here the screw barrel is designed for Stainless Steel. A stretch film has layer of gumming which is either though in form of Master Batch or a PIB Pumps, here in order to feed the Granules a Gravimetric Hopper Loader is used so the Amount of Granules that has to mixed is Accurate. We supply Plunger Type Screen Changer for the Filtration of the Melted Plastic Liquid which then goes to “T” Die and it Passes through the Cast Roll and it has been Provided Chilling on Drum Roll which Provides a Better Clear Film and then its Winded through the Semi – Automatic Winder.

For the Winding process Either it Could Be Semi- Automatic or Fully Automatic which has an option Auto Cutting, Auto Winding and Comparatively to Semi Auto the Line Speed is Higher, which ends up with a high Production then Semi- Automatic Machine. If we talk about the Quality of Stretch Film from Blown Film , the Cast Line is most Preferred Film in market the advantage for Cast film is because its Manufactured as Sheet form its has better Clearity and the Gum that is applied on the inner layer resist unit its used. But in Blown the gum that is Applied doesn’t stay 100 % because the inner layer has got Flow of Air and by the time its winded there is loss in the Amount of gum Applied so in case if in order to apply the comparatively as in cast line the production cost goes higher.

There are two kinds of Stretch Film which is Manufactured Food Grade and Industrial grade. Both grade is Manufactured in same grade either LLDPE/LDPE or PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride ) but the difference is in the Gum Property that is applied on the Film . As we all know that PVC is best grade plastic in terms of Strength in Compare to other grades so certainly the Stretch has much better strength than LLDPE/ LDPE . There are different ways a Stretch film used in Packaging of Material its Either through Hand Wrapping or in Stretch Roll Wrapping Machine . Today Stretch film is Highly used Auto Mobile Industry, Mechanical Industry , Pharmaceuticals Industry, Small Industry wherein Articles like Industrials parts are Manufactured, Exporting of Goods, Paper Industry etc. Commonly bundling of 2 or more Packages, a superior hand pallet wrap offering excellent stretch and most important Puncture resistance. With roll wrapping machine which is mostly used in Pharmaceuticals on the Corrugated which provides a better packaging, less consumption compare to hand wrapping and puncture resistance.

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